Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

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A number of the materials featured in this month’s column are beneficial in brown and nutty flavors.


Davana oil organic

Source: Excellentia

FEMA# 2359, CAS# 8016-03-3, Artemesia pallens, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Sweet, fruity, brown, dried fruitlike, slightly cooling and slightly jammy.

Taste: @ 3 ppm. Dried fruitlike, winey, brown, slightly floral and jammy.

Taste: @ 6 ppm. Dried fruitlike, brown, winey and stone fruitlike.

Possible applications: This unique essential oil bring out sweet, brown notes in dried fruits like raisin, prune, tamarind and fig. Other flavors where it will add depth are peach, apricot, strawberry and grape, as well in beverage flavors like cola, red wine, rum, whiskey and brandy.


Ginger oil Chinese CO2

Source: Excellentia

FEMA# 2522, CAS# 8007-08-7, Zingiber officinale, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Brown, spicy, warm, woody and earthy.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Brown, woody, earthy, spicy and warm.

Taste: @ 20 ppm. Brown, earthy and spicy with some heat.

Possible applications: The warm characteristic notes of this extract will enhance most spice flavors and their blends including ginger beer, chai, cola, black pepper and the like.


For the full article, please check out the Perfumer & Flavorist+ March 2021 issue.

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