Senomyx’ S6973 Sucrose Enhancer Receives GRAS Status

Senomyx (San Diego) has received Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association GRAS status for its sucrose enhancer S6973, which enables up to 50% sucrose reduction in products while maintaining the sweet taste of natural sugar. The GRAS determination allows S6973 to be used in baked goods, cereals, gum, condiments and relishes, confectioneries and frostings, frozen dairy offerings, fruit ices, gelatins and puddings, hard and soft candy, jams and jellies, milk products, and sauces.

Of the designation, CEO Kent Snyder said, “Due to the outstanding efforts of our scientific and regulatory team, Senomyx was able to submit an application for the use of S6973 in a large number of products ahead of our expected timeframe. We are extremely pleased to be granted GRAS status for all of the uses and use levels requested.”

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