Raw Material of the Week: Burning Ginger CO2 Extract


Robertet now offers Nigerian burning ginger CO2 extract (FEMA# 2521, CAS# 8007-08-7), which is a kosher ingredient.

It is useful in dark orange liquids, utilized in beverages and cocktails. Its odors consist of woody and spicy notes, while the taste exhibits a sweet, spicy, fresh ginger root flavor and a slight burning feel.

Australia’s Ginger Cola

In October 2016, ginger flavored drinks in Australia were increased by 6% over the course of one year. With its growing popularity, ginger has made its introduction in a new Coca-Cola South Pacific flavor to attract more health-conscious consumers.

While this flavor is only available in Australia currently, the popularity of ginger is expected to grow and the demand may launch Coke Ginger to debut internationally.

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