Givaudan Creates Mouthfeel Language

Addressing the mouthfeel challenges manufacturers of sweet and dairy products can face in the creation of low-calorie products, Givaudan is promoting its TasteSolutions Mouthfeel program, which includes a unique sensory language (Sense It Mouthfeel) and technologies that optimize the taste profile and flavor perception of reduced-calorie sweet and dairy products.

These initiatives are in response to the growing challenge of addressing consumers’ concerns of caloric intake. As calorie reduction impacts the mouthfeel, taste and aroma of food products, a complex formula rebalance is needed to provide the creaminess, richness and lingering of full-fat products. Additionally, over the past year, the added obstacle of highly volatile commodity prices for ingredients such as sugar, dairy and fat make it increasingly hard to maintain acceptable consumer price points.

“Nutritional value is a key factor driving consumers’ purchasing decisions, but they are no longer accepting a healthier product that does not taste good,” says Esther van Ommeren, a Givaudan senior flavorist. “We start with close customer collaboration to understand specific product needs, and from there we formulate to provide the taste and mouthfeel authenticity of a full-fat product, maximizing the consumer taste experience.”

Givaudan’s Sense It Mouthfeel language was designed as a unique tool that breaks through cultural and language barriers when describing flavors, forming a link between consumer desire, product quality and flavorists’ creations, ensuring a comprehensive description and identification of mouthfeel-related issues. Sense It Mouthfeel enables Givaudan to include all dimensions of the sensory experience in its flavor solutions.

“A successful reduced-calorie product depends on rebalancing and optimizing mouthfeel, taste and aroma correctly” said Minerva Calatayud, global product manager, taste, Givaudan. “Whether our customer’s product strategy relates to health and wellness, cost, or indulgence, our investment in mouthfeel technology can help.”

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