BioNootkatone, the Gold Standard for Natural Nootkatone

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Developed in partnership with Manus Bio, Givaudan has worked to create BioNootkatone, a new industry standard for sustainable, high-quality natural nootkatone with a superior, fresh citrus taste and no reliance on citrus.

The iconic nootkatone ingredient derived from grapefruit and orange delivers depth and complexity to citrus flavors in food and beverage products. Challenges such as climate change and agricultural diseases have compromised traditional nooktatone’s supply, quality and taste.

To keep pace with the ever-rising demand for citrus flavors, formulators have embraced sustainable alternatives. Once rare and expensive, nootkatone can now be produced at a lower cost through biotechnical processes, but taste has remained a key challenge until today.

Complex, familiar and intense, Givaudan’s BioNootkatone delivers the preferred signature woody, peely and citrusy notes without any of the off-notes often found in other nootkatones on the market.

A novel innovation, BioNootkatone is fermented directly from a non-GMO sugar source. This process yields a natural nootkatone with a cleaner profile and less climate impact than nootkatone produced through conventional methods.

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BioNootkatone is now available to the flavor industry. To request a sample, please fill out the form on our website. A Givaudan Flavour Ingredient (GFI) representative will be in touch to assist you with your request.


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