Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

Acetaldehyde Dipropyl Acetal, natural, #1135582 from Cargill Flavor Systems, FEMA# 4688, CAS# 105-82-8, occurs naturally in rum, wine and tomato. Its odor at 100% exhibits an earthy, musty, green, slightly alcoholic and vegetablelike chrysanthemum nuance. Its taste: at 2 ppm is earthy, raw vegetablelike, green and slightly floral. Its taste at 4 ppm is green, vegetablelike, earthy and slightly floral.

This material has a complex profile that will fit into many vegetable flavors like green pepper, watercress, jicama, carrot, radish, tomato, potato, bean sprouts and so on. At lower levels its earthy, green notes will also add naturalness to apple, pear and strawberry flavors. Its floral notes will fit nicely into tea-, chrysanthemum- and tagetes-type flavors.

This edition also discusses 2-Butyl-2-Octenal, natural, #1131830; cucumber aldehyde, natural, #1518; CO2 extract coffee espresso 03-3882/A/EAC, #1109431; fig extract #6058; natural extract chocolate essence 20117, #1130349; natural flavor muscatel alcoholate 56% Vol F-07136, #1135390; and nootkatone IN13316 QP7559.

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