Discover Synthetic Eugenol for fragrance applications


Solvay has developed a robust and competitive process to produce synthetic eugenol to offset the quality, supply and price fluctuations occurring in the sourcing of natural eugenol extracted from cloves.

The new high purity synthetic eugenol from Solvay, with olfactory properties comparable to that derived from cloves, will provide a reliable alternative to help meet flavors and fragrance market demand for applications for which natural origin is not essential.

Thanks to Solvay’s back integration in guaiacol, a key intermediate in its diphenol chain, Solvay research teams have been able to develop an innovative process successfully scaled up to produce synthetic eugenol in the Saint Fons, France plant.
Solvay Eugenol Synth is suitable for use in all kinds of fragrance formulations and is commercially available worldwide.


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