Biospringer takes on off-notes masking with new yeast-based fermentation ingredient.


Consumers expect naturalness and nutritional improvement. To meet these demands, food manufacturers use sweeteners and plant proteins that can create aftertastes. Biospringer developed Springer® Mask 101, a natural solution produced by fermentation, also vegan-friendly.


This new product helps to overcome this challenge and develop flavorful and indulgent foods and beverages. This innovative product neutralizes the undesirable tastes brought by sweeteners like bitterness, metallic off-notes, lingering effect, and plant proteins like beany, earthy, and cardboard.


Springer® Mask 101‘ solubility properties, low dosage and transparency make it a perfect ingredient in sweet beverages, dairy products, plant-based analogues and other plant-based foods. In iced tea, the Springer® Mask 101 neutralizes the off-notes given by stevia or acesulfame K. In a soy-based milk or yogurt, it removes metallic, astringent and beany notes caused by soy or pea proteins.


To learn more about Springer® Mask 101, receive a sample or a quote, visit our website.


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