A Premix-Compatible Reb-M Inspired by the Age-Old Process of Fermentation


EVERSWEET™ is a non-artificial, zero calorie sweetener with a next generation clean taste profile and sugar-like sweetness, using the age-old process of fermentation. EVERSWEET™ delivers a highly efficient, scalable and sustainable product when compared to the traditional production of stevia.

EVERSWEET™ brings together the best tasting components of the stevia leaf—the steviol glycosides Reb M and Reb D—which constitute less than 0.1% of the leaf by weight.

Sweetness Without Calories

EVERSWEET™ is well suited for products such as yogurt, chocolate milk, soft drinks, cereals, bars and confections, enabling up to 100% sugar reduction, depending on the application.

Produced by Fermentation

We use the age-old natural process of fermentation, supporting consumer preference for a non-artificial sweetener. Fermentation makes smart sugar reduction a sustainable and affordable reality. DSM and Cargill, two global leaders in the food industry, joined forces to create the joint venture Avansya.


Avanysa produces EVERSWEET™, utilizing DSM’s leading biotech know-how and fermentation expertise with its joint venture partner’s manufacturing expertise in sweeteners, as well as its large-scale fermentation capacity, making sugar reduction a sustainable and affordable reality.


Producing EVERSWEET™ via fermentation uses much less land and emits less CO₂ compared to traditional methods of production, offering sustainable sourcing at scalable volumes.


DSM provides a “one-stop” shop capability to blend nutritional, functional and sweetening ingredients into a custom, tailor-made premix. Our world-class team of experts provides application, scientific and regulatory claim support to help fast-track from ideas to launch in the marketplace. During these times of uncertainty, leveraging a premix can be a strategic solution that streamlines the product development process and simplifies the manufacturing process.

Clean Aftertaste

EVERSWEET™ has a clean taste profile that can replace the need for sucrose in several food and beverage applications.

Interested in learning more about how EVERSWEET™ can be part of your innovation needs for taste, texture and health? Contact us to request a sample. DSM can be your total solutions partner for products in the flavor, food and beverage space. Let us answer your questions!


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