Symrise: Delivering the authentic taste of nature


Today’s consumers across all countries and categories are getting more health conscious. They want to know what the food they eat contains, how farmers grow it and how it impacts the planet. The growing awareness for trust and traceability in the food chain has resulted in an increased demand for food closest to its natural state. Consumers want assurance that their food has been minimally processed, contains natural ingredients and will be good for them. As a result, consumers want products from farmers that care about sustainable agricultural practices.

Symrise is supporting its customers to master their challenges around natural product solutions. For this, it uses its unique taste solution platform code of nature®. The all-encompassing approach is designed to decode consumer trends and connects the market and consumer needs with all facets of Symrise’s long standing expertise and heritage to develop natural, authentic solutions for sustainable growth. By using natural, sustainably and responsibly sourced raw materials to develop stable flavor solutions, Symrise supports its customers to deliver natural products with a consistent great taste consumers are looking for.

Discover how Symrise can help you to decode consumer trends and create natural taste experiences that consumers love.


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