Treatt Expands Coffee Range and Unveils Bespoke Coffee Solutions

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Treatt launched an extension to the company's coffee range alongside bespoke coffee solutions designed for beverage innovators in North America.

The portfolio is said to feature 100% coffee extracts of Brazilian and Colombian origins and a new ‘all-rounder’ Espresso blend. The coffee range is designed to be utilized by all coffee ready-to-drink formats, from oat lattes to espresso martinis, including cleaner labels and lower sugar alternatives.

Treatt also debuted bespoke coffee solutions, collaborating with brands on new product development and reformulation of distinctive coffee tastes. The company is said to utilize global insights and consumer trends to create market-led coffee products that account for specific taste profiles, origins and labeling aimed to elevate brand stories.

Rebekah Kettrick, Category & Sourcing Manager – Coffee & Tea and Certified Q Grader said, “Coffee holds a personal significance for both brands and consumers, and we recognize the value of imparting a distinctive touch to the flavor and narrative of your coffee story.”

Kettrick added, “Consumers continue to become coffee savvy, with their expectations on quality and provenance increasing. Alongside our bespoke solutions, we’re delighted to unveil the expansion of our coffee extracts range, enabling beverage developers to replicate freshly brewed coffee flavors at scale, in a ready-to-drink format, repeatably.”

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