Crickets: The Latest Flavor Trend from President’s Choice?

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Cricket powder product

President’s Choice has introduced its President’s Choice 100% Cricket Product, a protein powder made entirely from crickets.

"With our President's Choice brand, we're always looking to bring the new and the next to Canadians," said Kathlyne Ross, VP of product development and innovation at Loblaw. "By making products like Cricket Powder widely available in our grocery stores, we are giving Canadians the option to not only try something new, but to also make a conscious decision on what they eat and how it impacts the environment."

Though still uncommon in Western markets, insects are a regular diet staple for over 80% of the world’s population. Cricket powders can be easily added into a variety of baked goods, smoothies or meals, and add a subtle earthy flavor—or if used in small amounts, no taste at all. In addition,  cricket powders are meant to have high levels of protein, B12, calcium and fiber.

"We are striving to take the next step to ensure innovative, inspiring and most importantly conscious food options are available for Canadians and we believe cricket powder is just scratching the surface," said Jarrod Goldin, president of Entomo Farms.