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A Tea for Non-Tea Drinkers from Matchaah Holdings

In an attempt to gain the attention of non-tea drinkers, Matchaah Holdings, Inc. has released SoMATCHAAH!, an all-natural matcha tea beverage line.

Ben & Jerry’s Gives Fans S’more

Taking inspiration from the campfire classic flavor, Ben & Jerry’s has released a limited edition Gimme S’more ice cream.

Symrise Offers Solution for Plant Protein Aftertaste

To address the aftertaste from plant proteins in non-dairy applications, Symrise offers a range of flavor masking solutions.

Tropicana Launches Organic Beverages for Kids

Tropicana has released Tropicana Kids and Tropicana Coco Blends, a series of on-trend organic beverages to address consumer demand.

RTD 2.0: Latest Innovations from Natural Products Expo West 2018

At 2018 Natural Products West Expo, RTD beverages took center stage with interesting flavors and unique innovations.

Unilever Commits to Urban Farming With Growing Roots

Unilever has entered the organic snack category with the launch of its plant-based brand Growing Roots, where 50% of its profits will go to further fund urban farming initiatives.

Crickets: The Latest Flavor Trend from President’s Choice?

Looking for protein with an extra crunch? President’s Choice has released its 100% cricket powder to Canadian markets.

Hälsa Releases RTD Yogurt Beverage

Hälsa has released its RTD plant-based yogurt beverage that contains organic whole grains and fruits nationwide.

Symrise Extends CFO’s Contract Ahead of Schedule

With the extension, CFO Olaf Klinger will continue to manage the company’s finances for another five years, through January 2024.

Halo Top Gushes Blueberry With Latest Launch

After releasing seven flavors of its non-dairy ice cream, Halo Top Creamery has released a blueberry crumble ice cream flavor.

Som Sleep Lets You Sip Into Slumber

Sleep supplement company Som Sleep will be premiering its RTD sleep beverage at Natural Products Expo West.

Reed’s Inc. Unveils Zero Sugar Beverages at Expo West

Reed’s Inc. will be unveiling its latest zero sugar product line at Expo West, which will include seven unique flavors of natural sodas.

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