WFFC Midwest Chapter?

Following the November 7 Chicago Section IFT Supplier's Night, Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) held a cocktail reception at the Embassy Suites (Rosemont, IL). The event brought together more than 25 women from the flavor and fragrance industry for a chance to network. Responding to the industry's significant presence in the Midwest, Joanne Kennedy (treasurer) spoke to the group about the possibility of forming a regional chapter of the organization. Many attendees seemed interested in the idea, and now the WFFC is hoping to have some members step forward to take on the role of organizing the chapter. With the support and guidance of the WFFC board of directors, it seems possible that a Midwest chapter could grow to be successful. Just last year, Angie Flay spearheaded the founding of WFFC UK.

If you are interested in helping to organize a Midwest chapter of the WFFC, contact Joanne Kennedy (tel: 1-845-356-4262).

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