[video] Fragrance Creators Association Highlights 2018 Impact


Fragrance Creators Association has released its 2018 impact video, highlighting its most significant achievements for the year and how it delivered measurable results for its “members, the public and the planet.”

The year began with the launch of the first-ever Congressional Fragrance Cacucus, as well as a complete rebranding—changing the organization’s name to more accurately reflect “the people, passion, innovation and creativity of its membership.”

In a letter published in “Fragrance Notes,” the association’s flagship publication, president and CEO Farah K. Ahmed shared Fragrance Creators’ s top ten results. These include impacts that ensured consumers have access to affordable scented products; saving $17 million in fragrance-related Chinese tariffs; and supporting EPA approvals of newer, greener fragrance ingredients.

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“We are a modern, open minded, and forward thinking and doing organization that actively listens to all perspectives to make a real difference,” she stated. “I believe it is incumbent upon us as an organization to constantly demonstrate progress—not merely a list of ‘here is what we did this year’—but measurable achievements and tangible, positive results for our members and the public.”

For 2019, the association aims to continue expanding and strengthening its programs and offerings; this includes the launch of The Fragrance Conservatory, a consumer-facing website with information and stories about fragrance and fragrance ingredients, and an Importance and Benefits of Fragrance Initiative.  

To read Ahmed’s full letter, visit the Fragrance Creators Association website.


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