Introducing Perfumer & Flavorist+


At what point does a trend become a movement?

Over the last few decades, researchers, formulators, manufacturers, marketers, brand leaders and retailers across industries have increasingly asked themselves this question as they addressed the rising consumer desire for wellness in every aspect of their lives, from household products to perfume and beauty to self-care to foods and beverages and beyond.

It has become clear in recent years that this desire for clean, better-for-you and functional products is here to stay.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy totaled $4.5 trillion in 2018, driven by personal care, beauty and anti-aging ($1,083 billion); healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss ($702 billion); fitness and mind-body wellness ($595 billion); the spa sector ($119 billion); and much, much more.

This is a global movement, with China and India driving ⅓ of wellness market growth through 2023 and China rapidly accelerating to eclipse North America as the sector’s top market.

This revolution is reflected in the transformation of the flavor and fragrance industry. While sensory excellence remains at the core, many companies have expanded into adjacent spaces, including nutrition, beauty, aromatherapy, functional technologies for health/well-being, ethical and sustainable alternatives to conventional technologies and beyond.

This diversification reflects the changing world and has allowed the industry to add a growing array of benefits to brands and consumers, backed by winning flavor and fragrance innovations.

And, as the world and the flavor and fragrance industry evolves, so do we. Today, we are delighted to announce that, in our 45th year*, we have expanded our brand and mission to better capture the dynamism of today’s world.

Introducing: Perfumer & Flavorist+: The Resource for Sensory and Wellness Innovation.

Designed for perfumers, flavorists and allied formulators; researchers; manufacturers; marketers and product developers; and brand leaders, Perfumer & Flavorist+ delivers the latest and best technical, ingredient, business, market and trend insights for a better world—better tasting, better smelling, and better for people and the planet.

In the months to come, along with the flavor and fragrance content you have come to expect from our brand, you can anticipate broadened coverage of emerging wellness innovations and insights, as well as the interface between sensory experiences and well-being.

Everything will taste and smell the same—just better-for-you.

*Perfumer & Flavorist magazine was formed in 1975 as a spin-off of The American Perfumer, which was founded in 1906.

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