An Analytical Workflow for Pumpernickel Bread Varieties

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Subtle variations in a recipe can have vastly different results in the final product. This can be especially true for baked goods, where a different oven may use a different heat cycle which changes the final flavor profile, or the origin of ingredients might sway the results. With an enormous global industry, the production of baked goods such as pumpernickel bread is subject to much analytical scrutiny. Anything one producer can do to give themselves a leg up on the competition is a huge advantage for what may be a subtle change.

Pumpernickel bread comes with a complex and challenging matrix. While 1D GC-MS is a typical first step, here it can be more efficient to jump straight to GCxGC-TOFMS analysis. The added dimension improves deconvolution as analytes that coelute in the first dimension can be easily differentiated when run through a column of differing polarity.

GCxGC-TOFMS provides such rich and detailed chromatographic data that the sheer volume of information may become nearly unmanageable after just a few samples. Comparing these sets of data isn’t easy. Small variations in run times could misalign the chromatograms, making it impossible for basic statistical analysis to produce any sort of coherent automated information.

ChromaTOF Tile software, however, is far more than a basic statistical analysis package. Seamlessly integrated into ChromaTOF, ChromaTOF Tile creates Fisher-Tile ratio calculations for each set of data and compares those values. Rather than going individual point by point, these tile rations enable software to accommodate for misalignment, efficiently and effectively sorting truly statistically significant finds to the top of a list for your scientists to study. Even when it comes to a sample as challenging as pumpernickel bread, ChromaTOF Tile, combined with GCxGC-TOFMS data, can cut hours, days, weeks and even months off your analysis times.

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