[video] T. Hasegawa Celebrates 365 Accident-Free Days



T. Hasegawa USA, Inc., is celebrating one year accident-free at its Cerritos facility.

The company recognized the milestone with a luncheon and custom t-shirts for employees.

“Our number one priority is safety. An accomplishment like this doesn’t just happen without every employee being on board and committed to working safely at all times,” said CEO Tom Damiano. “A safe work environment does not occur by chance. It requires everyone’s close attention to detail and open avenues of communication between management and employee to reach this milestone.”

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Chris Grayson, vice president of operations, added: “All of our team members are expected and encouraged to participate in the safety program activities which include; reporting jobsite hazards, attending safety awareness training and reporting unsafe work behaviors. When it comes to safety, it begins with supervision. They have to create a climate of safety … they have to identify safety hazards in work areas. They have to identify personal protective equipment for the employees. The third thing – they have to enforce safety. So, if those things aren’t being done by supervision, then the whole safety system breaks down.”

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