Symrise Establishes Perfumers' Academy

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) has expanded its in-house perfumer training program with the Symrise Perfumers' Academy. The tri-level venture aims to educate noses at all career levels, from novel to senior perfumers. The Academy will provide basic fragrance training in addition to more advanced programs that will offer established perfumers training in communication and presentation skills, business management/finance, and the latest chemistry. The most seasoned noses will take part in exchange programs with top perfume firms and will take regional "fragrance expeditions," exploring fragrance's agricultural, production and market roots while gaining consumer insights (trends, etc.) on site.

Of the announcement, Scent & Care head Achim Daub said, "Perfumers are the creative heart and soul of our Scent & Care division. We feel it is absolutely essential that we nurture their talents to the best of our ability. By establishing the Symrise Perfumers' Academy, we hope to inspire our creative people; we want to give them as much freedom as possible to learn, travel and experiment so that they can, in turn, create innovative, imaginative fragrances again and again."

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