Amyris Applies For Sustainability Certification

Amyris Inc. has applied for certification from the RSB Services Foundation, the implementing entity of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), a global sustainability standard and certification system for biofuels and biomaterials production. 

RSB's planned sustainability certification will cover Amyris's renewable farnesene produced from Brazilian sugarcane feedstock at Amyris's plant in Brotas, São Paulo state.

"We are very impressed with Amyris's commitment to sustainability and delighted for them to be the first company to apply for RSB certification in Brazil," said Peter Ryus, RSB Services' CEO.

Farnesene is a liquid, long-chain, branched renewable hydrocarbon that serves an alternative to fossil fuel-derived, including sulfur-free diesel, renewable jet fuel, emollients, fragrance oils, and automotive lubricants.

"Amyris is committed to delivering renewable products to enable a sustainable future, from our renewable diesel and jet fuel to our cosmetic emollient squalane," said Zanna McFerson, Amyris' chief business officer. "We look forward to seeking RSB's certification for our first industrial plant producing farnesene in Brazil and to demonstrating to our various stakeholders that Amyris can meet the most rigorous sustainability standards."


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