Naturex Launches Comprehensive Sustainability Program

Naturex has launched a comprehensive sustainability program covering every aspect of its activities.

Gathering a multi-disciplinary team from all aspects of Naturex operations, a dedicated sustainability committee is driving the entire program and has developed a specific set of sustainability principles for the company. Led by Serge Sabrier, a member of the company's management committee, the sustainability committee ensures that all aspects of day-to-day business operations and growth strategy are conducted in accordance with a set of principles explicitly set out by Naturex support of environmental stewardship,economic prosperity, and social responsibility. The company has appointed Chris Kilham, who regularly travels to remote worldwide locations, as Naturex's sustainability ambassador. 

The Naturex sustainability principles include pursuing economic development based on solid growth and trusted relationships with various stakeholders through clear and understandable information, ethical wage practices, benefit sharing, corporate governance and transparent communication. Other focuses include fostering a healthy social environment around farms, providing farm employees with the opportunity for personal development, including education and training, by furthering sustainable actions in sourcing zones through the Naturex Foundation Jacques Dikansky.

The company's comprehensive sustainability program document is available online and sustainable activities will be reported on a regular basis. 

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