Arylessence Releases 2009 TrendWatch

Arylessence, Inc. has released its TrendWatch report for the 2009 season. The illustrated report is designed as a guide to consumer attitudes and lifestyle trends in fragrance, color and new product development, and describes 14 "deep trends" that reflect deeply held consumer tastes, preferences and buying habits. According to the company, deep trends are solid, durable themes that persist and subtly evolve over time and provide critical insights for marketing decision making. 

The 31-page report depicts Arylessence fragrance notes and distinctive colors for each of the 14 trends as well as advertising messaging and new product packaging for consumer brands that embody each trend’s defining qualities and characteristics. 

“In a complex and challenging world, these current trends reflect our desire to care for ourselves with nourishing and restorative ingredients and, at the same time, respect the environment and our planet,” says Lori Miller Burns, Arylessence director of marketing, who led development of the report. “As consumers, we love luxury and indulgence, but all of us are increasingly aware of sustainability and the need to protect the world’s precious resources. This is a strong underlying theme among all trends today.”

The 14 deep trends for 2009 are:

Beneficial Elements — About nourishing ingredients and science

Culinary Fusion — Global culinary influences

Cultural Connections — Merging of cultures and lifestyles

Earth Origins — The natural essence of things

Eco-consumerism — Sustainable lifestyles and environment

Fem Fabulous — The power of women

Give a Little — Making a difference in the world

Life on Demand — Technology and innovation

Local Source — Fair trade and sourcing

New-stalgic — The marriage of new and nostalgia

Sensory Allure — Desire for multi-sensory experiences

Something Real — Authenticity and integrity

Universal Luxe — Everyone wants a little luxury

You-nique — About individuality and personal style

Miller Burns highlights three lifestyle trends that reflect concern by today’s consumers to care for themselves and protect the environment:

Beneficial Elements – Consumers seek brands and products that nurture and enrich the skin and achieve health and well-being with natural essences and minerals. A strong desire to “turn back the clock” translates into successful fragrance and product concepts that reflect the scientific links between nutrients and health.

Earth Origins – Consumers seek new experiences derived from the natural world around them and desire brands that touch and reflect nature. Emotional rewards come from a primary association with nature and all product components—including colors, designs and fragrances reflect environmental influences.

Eco-consumerism – Consumers demand products are that are sustainable and produced without negative impact on the environment. Eco-friendly textiles such as organic cotton, bamboo, organic denim, hemp and hand-dyed silk are transformed into products that have luxury and integrity. Fragrance ingredients are naturally sourced and produced with sustainable resources.

In the report, Arylessence perfumers describe and interpret the fragrance notes that reflect each trend and suggest how scents and fragrance themes will evolve in 2009 in consumer products.

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