Trend Spotting: Ungerer Taps British Tea-Inspired Fragrances for 2014

In a nod to the latest gourmand trend in fragrance, Ungerer Limited is forecasting that food and beverage style scents inspired by the British tradition of afternoon tea will be a key driver in fragrance for 2014.

"We have identified that fragrance will move towards more sophisticated gourmand scents which blend delicate fruits and flowers over the next 12 months,” said Jacqui Hughes, marketing manager for Ungerer Limited.

Ungerer's trend spotting is based on in depth research into retail, packaging and fragrance as well as the company's in house marketing and perfumery team, which has created scents for air care and toiletries focused on the English Picnic theme. 

“We focus on fresh, floral accords fitting for an afternoon spent in the sunshine, and sweet, edible scents to add nostalgia through baked goods and a touch of fun," added Hughes. "Our forecast predicts that we will move away from indulgent chocolates and fruit smoothie’s towards light, sweet jams and jellies, and refreshing beverages such as herbal tea or sparkling fruit juices as fragrance embraces food and beverage inspired scents for 2014.”

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