Fragrance Trends on the Air Care Market


As the new generation is growing and gaining more purchasing power, the expectations and needs towards products, as well as fragrances, are also changing. Millennials and Gen Z are unique consumers; they are no longer fitting into a predefined box. Identity has become multidimensional and gender is fluid. That being said, changes have been seen everywhere, and the air care industry is no exception.

The air care market has traditionally been defined as functional: having a strong scent to cover a malodor or to convey a fresh and clean feeling. For a few years now, air care products have shifted towards creating an ambiance. They carry a strong and unique experience, bringing memories and emotions to the consumers. Following lifestyles such as hygge from Scandinavia, which conjures a sense of coziness within the home, modern consumers are looking for ways to create an experiential atmosphere.

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