[Podcast] A Whiff of Scent Science With Nancy Rawson of Monell


In the latest episode of the Two Sense podcastPerfumer & Flavorist sat down with Nancy Rawson, Ph.D., Monell Chemical Senses Center’s associate director, to discuss the latest advances in sensory science and the innovations behind protecting and restoring our sense of smell.

“Our sense of smell is really intimately connected with parts of our brain that are important for memory and emotion,” said Rawson. “Odors really powerfully trigger memories and help us connect with our childhood and family. Environments with particular meaning throughout our lives.  If you lose that sensory input, you’ve lost a big part of how you are being connected with your history.”

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Some of the topics discussed in the conversation include:

  • the physical and emotional significance of olfaction,
  • finding a cure for anosmia,
  • how taste and smell work together,
  • the role digital devices play in sensory research and
  • getting active on Anosmia Awareness Day. 
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