Functional Fragrances Gain Traction in Indonesia: Data

These fragrances are marketed for their mood-enhancing and wellness properties.
These fragrances are marketed for their mood-enhancing and wellness properties.

Functional fragrances are gaining traction in Indonesia amid growing awareness about mental health and increased stress levels, according to GlobalData.

These fragrances are marketed for their mood-enhancing and wellness properties.

Fragrance manufacturers are introducing innovative variants, such as Kahf's Revered Oud and The Body Shop's Cherries & Cheer, to cater to the changing lifestyle needs of Indonesian consumers.

Mahendra Pratap Singh, consumer analyst at GlobalData, said, “Indonesians are seeking products which cater to their overall wellbeing in the era of awareness about mental health and significant increase in stress levels. According to GlobalData’s Q4 2023 consumer survey, 80% of the Indonesian respondents replied that impact of the product on their health and wellness always or often influence their choices. Fragrance manufacturers seem to notice this shift in choices. The Body Shop launched the Cherries & Cheer variant of Body & Space Mist perfume in January 2024. This vegan society certified fragrance claims to use 91% ingredients of natural origin. The combination of cherry, almond milk, and vanilla is claimed to provide an uplifting fragrance.”

Tim Hill, key account director at GlobalData Singapore, said, “In January 2024, Kahf launched the Revered Oud variant of Eau De Parfum (EDP). The brand claims that this combination of oud (agarwood) aroma with amber, vanilla, and fruit will provide a balance, which is appropriate during night to feel warm and comfortable. Changing lifestyle of Indonesians will act as a catalyst resulting in further increase in demand of functional fragrances in the country. More such products are expected to be launched as consumers are seeking more personal and deeper experience in health and beauty products.”

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