IFRA: 45th Amendment to Feature Just 7 Changes

According to a release from the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), the 45th Amendment to its Standards will contain only seven changes, minimizing the impact on the perfumer's palette.

The full text appears below.

The upcoming Amendment to the IFRA Standards will contain only seven changes overall. There will be three new Standards based on the QRA, one revised Standard based on the QRA, one revised Standard introducing a specification on top on the already existing QRA restrictions, one new Specification and one Prohibition.

It has come to the attention of IFRA that some rumors have emerged regarding the content of the 45th Amendment, which wrongly indicates that new policies on furocoumarins or methyleugenol would be part of the 45th Amendment. IFRA would like to state that this is categorically not the case.

“This year’s Amendment will hardly affect the palettes of perfumers,” said Jean-Pierre Houri, IFRA director general. “Previous years have seen quite heavy Amendments due to the change over to our new Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)* approach. However, this is nearly complete and is reflected in this year’s very light Amendment,” explained Houri.

The 45th Amendment, part of the industry’s global safety program, is mandatory for all companies, which belong to an IFRA member association. The final notification of the Amendment is foreseen to be during the course of June when full details of the seven changes will be announced.


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