Chemicals of Concern in Consumer Products: California

FMA alerts us to recent developments under A.B. 1879 in the California State Assembly. If signed by the governor, the bill would establish a list of chemicals of concern and restrict the use or ban the use of these materials. Under "Chemicals of Concern in Consumer Products," the Department of Toxic Substances Control would be authorized to "regulate a consumer product containing a chemical of concern by restricting the sale or use of such a product to prevent the exposure of individuals or the environment to the chemical of concern ... establish a take-back program ... [and] extract chemicals of concern from the chain of commerce and specified environments." The move also authorizes the department to "require a manufacturer to label a consumer product containing a chemical of concern in ways that are understandable to the public and that indicate the presence of a chemical of concern and its associated health effect or effects."

Read the full synopsis here.

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