Patent Pick: Oxime Ring Passes the Endurance, Sweetness Test


To control the properties of a fragrance, such as its duration and balance, several materials typically are combined. This requires them to be highly harmonious with one another.

According to Kao inventors, fragrance materials of similar structures have similar fragrance notes—although there are many exceptions. But when a plurality of substituents is combined, it is difficult to predict how the fragrance note will change.

In relation, the inventors on a new patent developed a compound based on oxime chemistry, which they used in fragrance and found to controllably impart scent retention and sweet and floral odors, among others.

2-n-Pentyl cyclopentanone oxime fragrance composition
U.S. Patent 9506012
Publication date: Nov. 29, 2016
Assignee: Kao Corp.

This invention describes a fragrance composition containing 2-n-pentyl cyclopentanone oxime. The material reportedly imparts excellent fragrance retention and a green floral and fruity-like odor as well as sweetness and voluminousness. The inventors found that this specific oxime compound with a cyclopentane ring structure made it possible to obtain the desired properties.

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