Patent Pick: Pushing the Limits with Plasmolyzed F&F


To pack a punch in wimpy F&F offerings, inventors at Firmenich have developed plasmolyzed microorganism encapsulates that deliver large loads of difficult-to-trap flavors and fragrances.

Encapsulated plasmolyzed micro-organism particles
U.S. Patent Application 20160015061
Publication date: Jan. 21, 2016
Assignee: Firmenich SA

This patent application discloses formulations of flavors and fragrances encapsulated in plasmolyzed microorganisms, as well as glass particles or beads comprising them. Also described are methods for making them.

According to these inventors, delivery systems for controlled release and microcapsules made from organisms to encapsulate flavors or fragrances are known. However, these are limited in the amount of the flavor or fragrance they can encapsulate.

The new process makes a plasmolyzed microorganism cake, then encapsulates it to create a glass particle or bead providing a high flavor or fragrance load in the particle. In some embodiments, the particle comprises a flavor or fragrance up to about, 20%, 25%, 30% and even 33% w/w of the total particle.

The flavors and fragrances applicable here are those that are difficult to entrap in large amounts using twin-screw extrusion, but which can diffuse inside a plasmolyzed micro-organism; especially materials having a Log P > 2 with a MW < 600 Daltons.

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