Patent Pick: Novel F&F Fragrance Material


Patent Picks are chosen by the editors from publicly available sources. Today's discovery is 3,6,7-trimethyl-6-octen-1-in-3-ol, as a new F&F formulation. 

3,6,7-Trimethyl-6-octen-1-in-3-ol as a new F&F formulation
U.S. Patent Application 20150291505
Publication date: Oct. 15, 2015
Inventors: R Beumer, J Tschumi and M Gressly

In the flavor and fragrance industry there is always a need for compounds that enhance, modify, improve or otherwise positively influence an odor note, thereby giving perfumers the ability to create new fragrances. In relation, the present inventors have discovered a new compound that is useful as a flavor and fragrance material, a depiction of which is disclosed in this patent.

The new compound, 3,6,7-trimethyl-6-octen-1-in-3-ol, is manufactured by: a) ethinylating 5,6-dimethyl-5-hepten-2-on to 3,6,7-trimethyl-6-octen-1-in-3-ol; b) acylating 3,6,7-trimethyl-6-octen-1-in-3-ol to 3,6,7-trimethyl-6-octen-1-in-3-yl acetate; and c) hydrogenating the C≡C triple bond 3,6,7-trimethyl-6-octen-1-in-3-yl acetate to the saturated C—C bond in the presence of a Lindlar catalyst, which leads to the final compound.

Two processing examples are given to create this material. The first produces an odor descriptor of: plant; hop; wood; leek/field garlic; inside of rubber gloves; sweetish; and sourish with an intensity = 5. The second can be described as: balsamic; creamy; dry stored wood; and dry leaves with an intensity = 4.

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