NPA Reorganizes Regions

The Natural Products Association (NPA) has reorganized three of its regional affiliates to help better serve the Northwest, Southwest and Midwest regions of the United States. The affected affiliates all worked together to best address the realignment of these states, and as a result, each of the affiliates expanded the number of states they serve.

The NPA board of directors voted unanimously to make these changes to the NPA regional affiliates. NPA president Pat Sardell said, “It is critically important that we maintain a high level of effectiveness in representing the industry at both the local, state and national levels. This action will ensure a stronger future for the entire natural products industry.”

Each NPA regional affiliate serves as a local industry liaison, tracking state legislation and protecting the right to do business in those states, and only California and Hawaii are not covered by any regional affiliates as they remain the responsibility of the NPA national office.

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