SCCS Extends Comment Deadline for Vetiveryl Acetate

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has extended its comment deadline for the fragrance ingredient vetiveryl acetate to May 19, 2015.

In its latest opinion on the ingredient, the committee said genotoxicity data is inadequate to exclude the genotoxic/mutagenic effects of vetiveryl acetate which were observed in an Ames test. There was no justification for the use of alpha-tocopherol. New data on genotoxicity of vetiveryl acetate without inclusion of alpha-tocopherol needs to be provided, the SCCS said. 

"On the basis of the inadequate data provided, a reliable safety assessment cannot be performed whether vetiveryl acetate on the market is safe for use in cosmetics at the concentration limits proposed by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)," according to the SCCS.

However, due to the major concern of genotoxicity the SCCS said in its latest opinion that it considers vetiveryl acetate "unsafe as a cosmetic ingredient." 


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