Firmenich Launches Emotion Centered Fragranced Program

Each of its tools and solutions can be combined to work together in a holistic manner. Photo: Firmenich.
Each of its tools and solutions can be combined to work together in a holistic manner. Photo: Firmenich.

Firmenich has launched its EmotiOn program, offering customers a new suite of fragrance tools and solutions to co-create emotional scents for products.

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Firmenich designed the EmotiOn program to offer an integrated approach to designing fragranced products with a suite of solutions such as:

  • EmotiClaim, which delivers the emotional positioning for a specific country and category to ensure a product resonates with consumers.

  • Emoti360, which uses consumer insights to match ingredients and colors with emotional benefits to reinforce value in product design.

  • EmotiCode, which defines fragrance creation rules for its perfumers to create scents that elicit specific emotions with consumers.

  • EmotiBoost, a collection of accords that have positive emotional benefits created for three different categories (air care, laundry and skin cleansing) covering a spectrum and a variety of emotional claims. They were tested using patented implicit research techniques.

Ilaria Resta, president, Global Perfumery, said, “Olfaction plays an essential role in all our lives by transmitting emotions and ultimately influencing purchasing behavior, now more than ever. Our fragrances heighten consumers’ positive emotional experiences across many touchpoints. We have created a multifaceted modular program, EmotiOn, to help our customers develop perfect product mixes.”

Matteo Magnani, chief consumer and innovation officer, said, “Our research and investment in emotions and how they drive purchasing habits, particularly throughout the pandemic, is distinctive and truly global in its approach. Our EmotiOn program provides in-depth insights from 11 countries to craft fragrances that bring positive emotions to their consumers and to help our customers boost their claims with consumer validation.”

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