Delight consumers with sustainable, industry-leading fulfill-MINT solutions


The mint market is big, with consistent demand and consumers who are constantly seeking natural ingredients. For consumers, mint is often associated with naturalness, refreshment, lifestyle and harmony. Therefore, mint can be used as a flavor twist for a wide range of products with diverse positioning focuses, making it one of the leading flavors in products around the world. 


Consumers are connecting the dots about what they consume and how it affects their health and their world. They are continually choosing more natural, less-processed products and want cleaner labels with non-chemical-sounding ingredients that taste great. Additionally, consumers put value on ingredients and products they think help make the world a better place. Purchasing decisions are more frequently being made based on sustainable and ethical sourcing.


Accounting for up to 20% of the U.S. peppermint market, ADMs revolutionary mint plants support the current mint market and ensure a thriving mint future. Long-standing relationships with farmers and growers around the world provide support from plant to plate. ADM’s Plant Science Research Program is the only commercial agronomic, botanical non-GMO mint plant research program in the flavor industry. Our deep understanding of product development means we can support developers with unique taste solutions across all product categories.


With an experience of over 150 years, ADM’s industry-leading flavor profiles are made from novel mint ingredients to deliver original and complex flavor profiles that are unique. Sustainable mint solutions with best-in-class profiles are within reach through ADM's SustainMINT™ program to create oral care products consumers will love. Our mint experts, using our proprietary non-GMO, sustainably sourced mint varieties, can help you create refreshing oral care products for a variety of applications. Through our advanced blending and distillation process, we can deliver superior consistency you can count on to meet any need. Along with our mint oils and mint flavors, ADM’s unmatched portfolio of solutions and longstanding technical knowledge give you the edge you need to elevate your brand and create distinctive products to delight consumers.


The right mint solutions give you an edge with ADM’s blending and extraction expertise, plus industry-leading flavor profiles made from novel mint ingredients to deliver complex flavor profiles that cannot be duplicated.





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