Scent Creations With Natural Advantage's Neryl Acetate


Natural Neryl Acetate

Natural Advantage

Natural Advantage introduces natural neryl acetate (FEMA# 2773; CAS# 141-12-8). Neryl acetate occurs naturally in lemon oil and neroli oil as well as black currants and tea. While the flavor can be described as deep fruity with citrus and raspberry overtones, the aroma of neryl acetate is particularly eye-catching for fragrances. Its odor carries the characteristics of sweet floral roses with orange blossoms and tropical undertones. This product is particularly useful in giving body and roundness to floral and fruit compositions. Natural neryl acetate is extremely effective in fragrances for jasmine, rose, neroli, magnolia and peony. The product is sold as an approximately 60/40 mixture of neryl/geranyl acetates which also provides sweet rose lavender tones. Recommended use level: 0.05-10 ppm as consumed. EU and US natural, kosher, non-GMO, vegetarian.

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