Firmenich Launches Sustainable, Traceable Fragrance Collection


Firmenich launched “Scent for Good, Naturally,” a sustainable and traceable fragrance collection, at the opening of the 2019 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) conference.

The collection combines proprietary consumer insights and high EcoScent Compass  sustainability scores.

“Our perfumers need to fully understand the subtleties of consumers’ expectations when they express preferences for nature-inspired, transparent fragrances,” said Armand de Villoutreys, president, perfumery and ingredients. “Speaking to more than 5,000 consumers across four key markets, our ‘Conscious Consumer’ research sheds light on important market differences across the perfumery, home care and personal care categories. For example, Brazilian millennials want biodegradable home care products, while Chinese consumers want locally recognizable natural scents in their dish detergent.”

The collection includes:

  • Biodegradable “Spa & Citrus”—A 100% biodegradable fragrance featuring mandarin, sparkling fruits and copahu oil, crafted with “responsibly sourced” ingredients from Firmenich’s NaturalsTogether program (EcoScent Compass score: A, B, A). 80% of Brazilians find it vital or important for laundry detergent-softener to be a natural or eco-friendly; 64% of the country’s millennials believe eco-friendly home care products should be biodegradable.
  • Natural “Balance & Tonka”—A 100% natural origin Cosmos Bio fragrance with smoky orange and vanilla (EcoScent Compass score: A, C, B). Over 80% of French consumers say it is important or very important for deodorant to be natural or eco-friendly.
  • Natural “Harmony & Mandarin”—A 100% natural origin, 100% biodegradable fragrance utilizing traditional orange, jasmine and violet extracts, which the company claims has no negative impact on the environment. (EcoScent Compass score: A, C, B). An overwhelming majority of Chinese consumers expect recognizable natural smells from fruits or flowers in their dish detergent (91%), and natural ingredients in the formula (51%).

Paul Anderson, senior vice president, perfumery, body and home care, added: “Combining our proprietary ‘Conscious Consumer’ insights with our industry-first EcoScent Compass sustainability measurement tool, our ‘Scent for Good, Naturally’ fragrances were designed to delight consumers, while building trust from field to scent.”

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