Solvay Unveils Innovations at the World Perfumery Congress


Solvay introduced a number of innovations during the 2018 World Perfumery Congress.

These included:

Rhovanil Natural CW—A new natural vanillin. With its introduction to the market, Solvay is now capable to propose a key enabler to accelerate the switch to the natural trend. “With Rhovea and Rhodiarome, the preferred vanilla note solution for the fragrance market, we are currently looking to develop a new offer based on renewable electricity and renewable energy,” said Guillaume Meunier, flavor and fragrances global business manager.

Bothhexylene glycol (HGL)—A solvent with high solubilizing power, adding to the stability of fragrances; the slow evaporating HGL acts as a humectant, functioning as a multifunctional component for fragrance composition, skin and hair care products and home care. It is non-toxic, bio-degradable and used throughout the American, European and Asian markets.

Augeo—A new line of solvents including Augeo Clean Multi, which is produced from a renewable source, has a low carbon footprint and has no oral or inhalation toxicity. It offers dilution and evaporation for fragrance compositions and has a strong fragrance solubilization power and slow evaporation rate, making it ideal for home air care applications such as reed and electrical diffusers. It complies with U.S. legislation for volatile organic compounds.

Said Sébastien Nicolas, global fragrance market manager: “Augeo Clean Multi and hexylene glycol are part of a wide technology offering which, together with our technical solubilization expertise and formulation support, enable Solvay to keep delivering more value and more innovative sustainable solutions to the fragrance industry.”

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