Augeo®: Quality improvement to meet customer needs

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Aligned with the global awareness of health and wellness in a market that seeks sustainable and efficient solutions, Augeo® Clean Multi is a multi-functional sustainable solubilizer that is evolving to a new quality level, developed by Solvay.

    ●  Safe for humans and the environment

     ●  Low odor, 

     ●  Vegetable source raw material (67%)

     ●  Low Vapor Pressure-VOC (USA)

     ●  Readily Biodegradable

     ●  Excellent Solubilizer

     ●  Low Carbon Footprint (certified)

     ●  Better Sensorial experience

Augeo® Clean Multi allows for the optimization of solvents and surfactants used in Home Care and fragrance formulations, offering high solubilization power for fragrances and excellent coupling agent properties for surfactants.

Augeo® Clean Multi is a friendly and more efficient alternative to the replacement of products derived from petrochemical sources, such as dipropylene glycol (DPG), a well-known fragrance diluent that can be easily replaced by Augeo® Clean Multi.

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