New Citrus Alternative: Discover Lemon Myrtle

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Lemon Myrtle from Australian Native Products is the innovative answer for those seeking a new citrus alternative. Indigenous to Australia, this native ingredient meets modern consumer preferences offering a unique citrus aroma and taste, elevating products across a variety of applications.Anp Citral Graphic

Lemon Myrtle with its vibrant citrus aroma, stands out in the world of botanicals, enhancing flavor and fragrance profiles. The unique citrus notes offer a refreshing and uplifting lemon scent, consistent taste and the chance to be innovative with your product lines. Boasting a staggering 90-98% citral content, Lemon Myrtle oil surpasses traditional citrus in intensity, fragrance and functional benefits.

A standout ingredient in the Kerry 2023 Taste and Nutrition charts, Lemon Myrtle has been included in several flavor categories as well as in the nutrition category as a natural flavor enhancer and ingredient in the natural, organic, healthy mood support, microbiome, plant-based, prebiotic, anti-aging, well aging, calm, sleep, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory sections. This inclusion demonstrates Lemon Myrtle’s versatility as an ingredient that can be used to create delicious food that is packed with nutrition, not to mention an alternative solution to traditional ingredients.

It's unique fragrance, embodying the crisp, clean air of Australia's subtropical rainforests, is not just a sensory delight but also a versatile note that enhances perfumes, personal care, home care, flavors and wellness products. Lemon Myrtle's versatility is boundless. In perfumery, it adds a fresh, lemony zest that can transform a fragrance, giving it a bright and invigorating edge. In aromatherapy, its soothing properties make it a favored choice for relaxation and rejuvenation. What’s more it also acts as a natural preservative. 

In an era where ingredient provenance is high on the list of priorities, Lemon Myrtle shines as the optimal choice, perfect for brands who value clean, natural, pure and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Join Us in Celebrating Australia's Native Wonder

We invite you to discover Lemon Myrtle, the new citrus. Choose from an array of formats including dried leaf, essential oil, powder and hydrosols. Visit australiannativeproducts.com.au to explore our range of products and learn more about how we can help enhance your product and bring this Australian treasure to the world.


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