Modern Perfumery Chemicals

A one-day symposium, Modern Perfumery Chemicals, sponsored by the British Society of Perfumers was held at the London Tara Hotel on March 18, 1962. There were approximately 100 participants from 28 companies represented. The participants were divided into three groupe to provide a more intimate environment during the presentations. The symposium was orgsnized very professionally by Brian Jaggera, President of the BSP.

Five participating companies presented products, the delivery of which was clear and concise even for the non-technical listeners.

The speaker for Firmenlch, Switzerland, was Dr. D. Kastner. Dr. Kastner, “a chemist who tries to be a pertumer,” demonstrated samples of Delphone, a ketone used in small amounts to give full-bodied and diffusive top notes in jasmine, rose, fougere, lavender, green herbal and aromatic compositions. Predominantly jasmine and celery, it possesses a pear-like character with a warm hay Iactonic undertone. It sells for £31/kg.

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