Modern Perfumery Chemicals

The third annual symposium of Modern Perfumery Chemicals, sponsored by the British Society of Perfumers was held at the London Tara HoteI on April 14, 1983. There were approximately 130 participants from over 30 companies, an increase from last year’s symposium. Participants were divided into three sections, so that the six presenting companies each made three presentations, David Butterfield, President of the BSP, organized the proceedings.

Each company presented three products: Speaking for Bush Boake Allen, Richard Wagner presented Amboryl acetate, an insomeric mixture of sesquiterpenoid acetates. Its odor is delicate but tenacious—a woody-amber character reminiscent of vetiveryl acetate, sandalwood and clary sage. Amboryl acetate has wide application from fine perfumes to more functional products. It is of particular value in woody, spicy and oriental compounds and has considerable potential for men’s toiletries. It is priced at £6.50/kg in drum lots.

Amborol 50 is an isomeric mixture of sesquiterpenoid alcohols. For convenience of handling, it is sold as a solution in dipropylene glycol. Amborol 50 has a warm and woody odor with notes of amber and clary sage. It has much the same applications as the previous product, is compatible with a wide range of perfumery materials and has marked fixative properties. It is priced at £4.00/kg.

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