Environmental Fragrances: The State of the Art and Packaging

Launching new fragrances and talking about the excitement of a new makeup palette, special Christmas packaging, as well as new product and container ideas to tantalize the tastes and desires of the consumer are subjects which I have studied, taught, designed and even sold.

Now “the subject is roses” and thyme, sage and sandalwood-lavender, violets, fougere and woodnotes—patchouli, musk, jasmin, orange flowers and lilacs, All beautiful fragrances when properly blended by an expert perfumer create such exotic product forms as potpourri, sachet, incense, fragrance pellets and soap petals, perfumed candles of all color, shapes and sizes and room sprays.

Actually it is an old idea with a new twist and it is called “environmental fragrances.”

Until recent years, it was used mainly as a functional product, a masking agent, in the areas of the home such as the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, gameroom and garage. Styling, taste and originality moved the product category to a more upscaled and sophisticated level via product and package design and fragrance innovation.

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