The Future for Fragrance in Mass Marketed Products

The thing that makes artists diligently pursue their media is passion. Perfumers are passionate about their art and I share that passion for fragrance, that medium of art that we pursue.

But, perhaps from time to time we should look at this medium without the passion and consider it from the point of view of a casual observer. Why? Because fragrance, the art and passion of the perfumer, is used at its end-point in products, whose customers are often not the least bit passionate about it. The care and diligence that the perfumer puts into the development of a detergent fragrance is not often treated with the same passion by the consumer. In fact, detergent is often considered a necessary part of an onerous task that they would prefer to avoid altogether.

It is important that we add to our passion and dedication for perfumery and product formulation a recognition and appreciation of the consumer’s attitudes, both functional and perceptual, about our products and their symbiotic relationship. This should be done, indeed must be done, very studiously and carefully, so it is additive to, not detractive from, the passion we share for our products and our art.

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