Fragrancing Products at Johnson Wax

As a major privately-held multi-national marketer of consumer and institutional products, S. C. Johnson is probably known better as simply “Johnson Wax.” I am personally involved in all aspects of Air Care product development. To us that means our “Glade” line of products.

Dr. Hiller concentrated his discussion on policies. I will take the other tack and emphasize the procedural aspects of new product development as it relates to fragrance. I hope to accomplish this by answering a few key questions. Though slanted toward S. C. Johnson, I think you will find similarities in other companies in the industry.

Question number one, where do our product ideas come from? Second, what is S. C, Johnson’s new product philosophy, particularly with regard to fragrance? What are the logistics? Procedurally, how do we go about fragrancing products? What happens to perfume submissions after they arrive in-house? I would like to provide you with the answers to these questions. I will not, however, spend much time on specific product evaluation techniques.

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