Progress in Essential Oils

Cinnamon Leaf, Fruit and Bud Oils Oils produced from the dried fruit of cinnamon of Karnatakan and Keralan (India) origin were analyzed by GC/MS (Mohan Rao 2000). As can be seen from the data in T-1, the fruit oils were quite different to the commercially available oils obtained either from the leaves (a eugenol-rich oil) or from the inner bark (a cinnamaldehyde-rich oil). The safrole content of cinnamon leaf oil was determined to be 1.3 percent (Anon 2002).

An oil produced in the lab by hydrodistillation from fresh cinnamon buds collected from coastal Karnataka (India) was analyzed by Jayaprakasha et al. (2002) and found to contain the following constituents

An oil produced from the dried leaves of Cinnamomum zeylanicum growing in Cameroon was analyzed by Jirovetz et al. (2002) using GC and GC/MS techniques. The oil composition was determined to be as follows:

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