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Lavender Oil Lavender oil is produced commercially in Australia, Bulgaria, China, England, France, Moldova, Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia. At one time, France was the major producer but more recently Bulgaria and France produce 50 and 60 tonnes, respectively.

Segur-Fantino et al. (1988) reported that the major constituents of lavender oil produced within the Apellation d’Origine Control e in the commune of Barret de Lioure (Dr™me) varied as follows:

1,8-cineole (t-3.39 percent) (Z)-β-ocimene (0.30-18.05 percent) (E)-β-ocimene (0.20-10.24 percent) 3-octanone (t-6.03 percent) camphor (t-0.50 percent) linalool (10.51-71.88 percent) linalyl acetate (2.35-59.60 percent) terpinen-4-ol (t-12.83 percent) lavandulol (t-4.10 percent) lavandulyl acetate (0.24-11.99 percent) α-terpineol (t-0.90 percent) t = trace (< 0.1 percent)

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