Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone (F-1) is found in raspberry, cranberry, blackberry, loganberry and sea buckthorn. In addition to its occurrence in the above mentioned fruits, raspberry ketone can be found also in Korean fir leaves, Korean pine needles, Hedysarum thienum and more.1–3

It has a berry, sweet, woody odor; a raspberry, ripe, jammy, seedy character; and a fruity, berry, raspberry and blueberry flavor with seedy, cotton candy nuances.4 Raspberry ketone is applied in fruit and tobacco flavorings and in a wide range of heavy fruity compounds for cosmetic and alcoholic perfumery.a

Some ingredients with related structures used in the F&F industry are: raspberry ketone acetate (CAS# 3572-06-3), raspberry ketone methyl ether (CAS# 104-20-1) and zingerone (CAS# 122-48-5). (See T-1.)

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