Spanish Essential Oils

Essential oils are the artistic and romantic part of the fragrance and flavor industry. They are the origin of scent and taste; they are unique and cannot be completely imitated due to their extraordinary complexity. Today, there is a return to natural products for their intrinsic added value. Spain’s geographic location and terrain, as well as its particular ecology, make it an ideal place for growing, harvesting and distilling aromatic plants. More than 1,000 species, varieties and cultivars are grown in Spanish fields, 150 of which are endemic. The rugged terrain of the peninsula and its variety of soils and climates (Euro-Siberian in the north and Mediterranean in the Levante region and the south) mean that tropical and alpine vegetation can exist within a short distance of each other. As a result, Spain is home to not just the most important species from Central European countries, but also those of the Mediterranean basin, Europe and North Africa.

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