Progress in Essential Oils: Spanish Marjoram Oil, Lesser Galangal Oil and Wormwood Oil

Spanish Marjoram Oil
Spanish marjoram oil is obtained by steam distillation of Thymus mastichina L. subsp. mastichina, which can be found growing throughout the Iberian peninsula. Miguel et al. (2004a) collected samples of the herb from four different regions (Sesimbra, Arrabida, Mertola and S. Bras Alportel) of Portugal. The plants, which were collected at their full flowering stage, were each divided into flowers and leaves, and each was separately hydrodistilled. Analysis of the oils by GC-FID and GC/MS revealed that oils from three of the regions (Arrabida, Mertola and S. Bras Alportel were rich in 1,8-cineole while the oils from Sesimbra were found to be rich in linalool.

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